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What sets us apart

Today's footwear industry is overwhelmed with high production rates and low-quality products. Consumers are paying inflated prices for products that are poorly made, unethically sourced and simply won't stand the test of time. At the same time, our planet is paying a price. The fashion industry is one of the world's most polluting, with emissions, wastage and products thrown into landfall at an all-time high.

We are PALIK. We exist to create fine-quality leather footwear using the highest-quality materials and the most advanced techniques, ensuring that our products will last for years to come. We believe in creating products that are made to last and our commitment to quality and longevity is what sets us apart from the fast fashion industry. We are purveyors of a lost art – the art of craft. Our expert craftspeople have been making shoes and boots for generations, honing and refining their methods to leave us with a process that’s second to none. Today, we harness the excellence of Persian craft and heritage to deliver a range of unique footwear to a global audience. With unique, luxury packaging encasing every pair, our footwear is designed to set the wearer apart in subtle style. And with a fairer price point than many of our competitors, we pass more of the value on to our customers than ever – all while making sure our processes become more sustainable every day.

Our story begins back in 1979, when footwear enthusiast, Mani Donyavi, combined his experience as an apprentice with his passion for craft and decided to start his own venture. Naming his business ‘PALIK’, which means ‘leather footwear’ in Persian, Mani began manufacturing and selling shoes and boots in his homeland. It wasn’t long before PALIK expanded across West Asia and into Europe, where our distinctive range of premium footwear caught more eyes.

In 2020, Mani’s daughter, Saba, founded PALIK Ltd, which represents the premium line of products here in the UK. Having been raised in a business-focused family, Saba has always had an entrepreneurial streak, and after overcoming many challenges – including that of being an ambitious businesswoman in a patriarchal society – she left everything she knew to continue the legacy of her family business in the UK. Passionate about fine-quality footwear, constant improvement and sustainable practices, Saba runs her business with a creative eye and a willingness to push the boundaries of what’s possible. PALIK Ltd is now an active member of the British Footwear Association.

We provide best quality services and products that meet our customers’ needs – carving out a new kind of luxury that goes beyond a name to offer authentic craft and style.

We will champion excellence and craftsmanship globally, going beyond borders to bring artisan techniques and style to the world.

At PALIK, we're an innovative organization that offers comprehensive white labelling and/or branded collaboration solutions to partners for a unique purchasing experience. Our flexible marketing strategy is designed to shape our company's perception in a positive light. With custom solutions to individual requirements, we're the perfect partner for any organization.

With experience passed down over generations, our leather footwear experts handmake every pair of PALIK shoes to perfection.

Our boots and shoes come with seven-layered leather insoles to ensure maximum comfort and durability – every single time you wear them.

A patented anti-bacterial and anti-fungus footbed with moisture absorption, and flexible and air-permeable properties.

Robin Stewart
CEO, Robinsons Shoemakers

“I first came across Palik footwear through LinkedIn when Saba Donyavi (Palik's Director) linked up with me. As I had experienced difficulty getting my own brand recognised when I started, I am always willing to give new brands a chance to prove their quality (more often lack of). So agreed to view a sample and Saba forwarded a pair of boots in my size. I was immediately struck by the quality of both material and workmanship. My positive view of the product was reinforced when I tried the boot on. It had obviously been made on a last similar to my own foot shape and was an extremely comfortable fit. I had a few questions about the brand so phoned Saba. Her passion and confidence in the brand were such that I had no hesitation in immediately placing an order with her for a selection of Palik shoes.”

Every pair of PALIK shoes arrives with unique packaging, including a one-of-a-kind velvet bag to keep your footwear in pristine condition.

We’re a family business with roots in the vibrant cultural tradition. Influenced by everything from the power of lineage to the history of our home nation, our footwear represents so much more than meets the eye.

Diversity. Everyone is welcome, accepted and celebrated. Collaboration. Working together inclusively to produce the best, every time. Trust. Acting with honesty and integrity and always being fair with our prices. Respect. Treating our employees and customers with kindness and care.

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This is PALIK. Walking taller, – with the smallest footprint possible.

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